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"The just walks in his integrity: his children [are] blessed after him."  Proverbs 20: 7
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 Integrity Nubians   ® 1208 Grizzell Lane, McMinnville, TN 37110
Our goat farm has been raising purebred milk goat in Middle Tennessee for several years. Integrity Nubians is owned and managed by Brenda Bell. From the day we bought our first Nubian, were in love with the these beautiful Dairy Goats.  We are concentrating in raising show quality goats, milking dairy goats and sometimes we have milk goats for sale.  Our herd was sold in 1985 when a home cottage business bloomed and there just wasn't enough time for everything. Time has passed and the business has changed and now with more free time, we are back doing what we have loved for years. Our herd of anglo-nubian is growing and we plan to maintain a medium size herd . Although we have not show yet, we feel that we certainly have show quality. Our goal is to breed large elegant does with good conformation, toplines and mammary systems. We have some quality foundation stock which we feel will help us to build a herd with strong genetics. Our priorities are to raise healthy, gentle kids. All kids are bottle fed for health purposes and temperament. Kids are disbudded and tattoed before sold.
We feed 16% protein goat feed mixed with alfalfa hay along with free choice minerals and baking soda. Kids under 6 months old are fed medicated pellet goat ration. Our herd is tested neg. for CAE and CL. We are located in middle Tennessee on the Caney Fork River. We have 15 acres, seven wooded and 8 cleared.
Nubians are very easy to get along with and the ears just add something that no other goats have. We are enjoying the benefits of caring for our Nubian Dairy Goats such as fresh milk and goats cheese.  Hope to try our luck with kefir soon. We are hand milking our goats.  Our Nubian and Alpine kids are for sale every Spring.  You can choose your favorite doe and reserve a kid as soon as we put our sales list up.
 We are members of the American Dairy Goat Association better known as ADGA and we register all of our goats that we sell or keep. Buck kids that are not reserved will be banded. We are so excited to work with these animals.
Please view our photo's and enjoy our site. Thank you for your interest in our dairy goats.
Some of the bloodlines that are in our herds background are:

Kastdemur, Lynnhaven, Goldthwaite, Amberwood, Hoanbu,  Tornado-Hill,, Copperhill, Apple-Jack, Pruittville, Dear Hearts, Nubilop-Acres, Saada,  Regehr's and Rimfire.
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