Integrity Nubians
Integrity Nubian Dairy Goats has been raising purebred milk goat in Middle Tennessee for several years.  Integrity Nubians is owned and managed by Brenda Bell. From the day we bought our first Nubian, we were in love with the these beautiful Dairy Goats. Our herd ws sold in 1985 when a home cottage business blossomed and there just wasn't enough time for everything. Time has passed and the business has changed and now with more free time, we are back doing what we have loved for years. Our herd of anglo nubian is growing and we plan to maintain a medium size herd . Although we do not show, we feel that we certainly have show quality. Our goal is to breed large elegant does with good conformation, toplines and mammary systems. Our quality foundation stock has been the basis for our herd with strong genetics. Our priorities are to raise healthy, gentle kids. All kids are bottle fed for health purposes and temperament. Kids are disbudded and tattoed before sold.
Meet The Team
  1. Brenda Bell
  2. Jonas & Eli
    Sometimes I have really good help, even thought it does take me longer to do chores when I have help.
  3. Jonas & Sadie
    My Little Helpers