Our goat farm in Tennessee offers top quality show goats, milking dairy goats and sometimes milk goats for sale.  We have been a goat breeder since 1979.  Dairy goats are a special animal.  We have Nubians and Alpines.  Our goats supply us with goats cheese which are hand milking .  Our Nubian kids are for sale every Spring.  Contact us for a visit to our farm to see our Nubians and Alpines.  We are a member of the goat association called American Dairy Goat Association.

Integrity Rapture's Brecken

                                  Sire's Sire:  SG Goldthwaite Merlin +*B
​                                                            AR2003  ST2007  LA2003

​    Sire:
     Goldthwaite Daper Dan *B

                                   Sire's Dam:  Goldthwaite B'Lou Danube 7*M

                                   Dam's Sire   Goldstrike Nubians Inspiration
​                                                                          LA2006
   Goldthwaite Rapture

                                       Dam's Dam:  Goldthwaite Rapsody in B'Lou 

Brecken is one of our beautiful Rapture daughter born in 2012. She is such a replica of her Dam. She is black with white ears and boots. She also has a white muzzle and spots over her eyes. She is a very long level doe. Her dam is a beautiful large doe with great udder attachment in rear and a beautiful extended no-pocket attachment in the front. Brecken is very wide in the front and rear like her dam. We love her sweet temperament   See her great rear width in photo at the bottom of this page

Sire:   Goldthwaite Dapper Dan *B

Full Sister:  Integrity Inka Mirage

Dam's Dam:   Goldthwaite Rapture

Sire's Dam:   Goldthwaite Zadiago

DDD:  Goldthwaite Rapsody in Blue

DDS:  *B Goldstrike Nubians Inspiration

DDDS:  SG Goldthwaite Merlin +*B

Brecken - 6 Mo

DDDS:  Goldthwaite B'Lou Danube 7*M

Brecken - Rear

Photos courteous of Goldthwaite Nubians and Kastdemur's
Thank you ladies.