Our goat farm in Tennessee offers top quality show goats, milking dairy goats and sometimes milk goats for sale.  We have been a goat breeder since 1979.  Dairy goats are a special animal.  We have Nubians and Alpines.  Our goats supply us with goats cheese which are hand milking .  Our Nubian kids are for sale every Spring.  Contact us for a visit to our farm to see our Nubians and Alpines.  We are a member of the goat association called American Dairy Goat Association.

Bulletcreek Encore

                                Sire's Sire:  Bulletcreek Piejar's Fancy Lad  AI-DNA
                                                      N 1865258            LA 2019

​  Sire: Bulletcreek Cisco Extrafine

                                  Sire's Dam: Bulletcreek Tali's So Fine AI
                                                    2*M  AR 2017   LA2019, 2017, 2015

                                   Dam's Sire:  Bulletcreek Loretta's Wausau *B
                                                       LA 2019, 2017

   Dam: Bulletcreet Honor's Vivian
                N1865306     LA2019

                                   Dam's Dam:    Bulletcreek Spirit's Honor 3*M
                                                          AR 2017    LA 2015

Photo Coming Soon

Jude is our Inka daughter born March 2013. Love, Love Inka.  She is not only a very beautiful doe but she has an awesome temperament.  All of our Goldthwaite animals have the very best temperament.. It is a pleasure to have this doe in our herd. She is long and level with good width in front and rear.  Ears!!! wow

Dam: Bulletcreek Honor's Vivian

Sire:  Bulletcreek Cisco Extrafine

Sire's Sire:  Bulletcreek Piejar's Fancy Lad

Sire's Dam:  Bulletcreek Tali's So Fine

Dam's Sire:  Bulletcreek Loretta's Wausau *B    AR 2017    LA2015